Maarch, the first professional archiving-oriented DMS !

Maarch is a consistent set of tools and solutions to manage your document flows and their archiving.
Maarch components are distributed under open source licenses, because archiving and conservation need open solutions!

Maarch ecosystem offers document import and retrieval functionalities to make long term conservation and exploitation of digital resources possible, according to French and international standards for archiving

As of today, Maarch solutions have been localized in French and English.

Reliable by design

  • Maarch applications are optimized for MySQL 5, PostgreSQL 8.1 to 9.x, SQLServer, Oracle 10,11g.
  • Maarch applications are developed in PHP 5. The user interface are optimized for FireFox 3.0 to 3.5 and Internet Explorer 8/9.
  • A set of add-ons completes vertical applications: high performance mass import, connectors with scanners, full text search, server-side OCR, etc.

Maarch, the first comprehensive and professional Open Source DMS

Maarch is still the only mail management solution to be entirely open source, without proprietary solution, and ready for use.

Maarch community now goes further and delivers a complete professional document management solution :

  • Incoming, outgoing and internal mail, production documents, etc.
  • Validation workflow
  • Authorization and clearance layer based on the hierarchy of the organisation
  • Multiple file type management, each with their own classification scheme
  • Physical archives management (archive boxes, containers, storage rooms, etc.)
  • Legal archiving

Modular and multi-collection, multi company, Maarch Entreprise can handle every production document of an organisation:

  • Customer files
  • Providers files and invoices
  • General mail (paper and electronic)
  • Accounting reports
  • Archives digitisation
  • Physical archives: places, check outs, returns

See the Projects section to see how Maarch solutions can be used, and how they can help you.

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