Maarch Framework and Maarch Entreprise are released under the terms of the open source license GNU GPLv3.

Maarch LetterBox, Maarch PeopleBox et Maarch ScanSnap Connector sont released under the termsof the open source license GNU GPLv2.

Your are free to download and use them. If you need professional integration services or support, please contact us ( ou +33 (0)1 47 24 51 59) or any of our licensed partner.

Maarch Applications

From SVN repositories

Maarch source code repositories are available in read only mode for anonymous users.

Maarch AutoImport

Stable Version:

svn checkout maarch_autoimport

Development version:

svn checkout maarch_autoimport

Sample documents:

svn checkout maarch_autoimport/samples
Maarch Capture Connector

Development version:

svn checkout MCC_Server
svn checkout MCC_Client

Sample documents:

svn checkout MCC_Samples
Maarch Entreprise

For Maarch Entreprise, we set up a different repository for every component (apps, core and each modules). Thus, to get a fully working application, one must do as many checkouts as needed components. URL for each components is forged following this template :

Where :

  • __COMPONENT__ is the name of the componant("core" for the core folder, "maarch_entreprise" for the apps,
    the name of each module, for example : "baskets")
  • __BRANCH__ is the name of the chosen branch

There currently are three branches:

  • The stable branch (currently, branch 1.3): it is only updated with bug fixes. Replace __BRANCH__ with "branches/1.3".
  • The development branch: called trunk, it receives every current developments. Be careful: the stability of the trunk is not guaranteed, do not use it in production environment! Replace __BRANCH__ with "trunk"

For example, to get the stable branch of the module advanced_physical_archive, use this url:

For more information and see a detailed procedure to fetch Maarch Entreprise, see the dedicated page.