Maarch helps you to exploit Web Services

Web Services

You use Maarch Entreprise, you have your own business applications, you want to allow them to communicate with Maarch Entreprise?

Maarch provides tools to help you set up your own Web Services !

On the Wiki, a tutorial (in French) allows you to create, step by step, a Web Service for a business application related to Maarch Entreprise.

Learning Web Services integration

The example chosen is based on a business accounting related to Maarch Entreprise via web services application. This application allows Web service, add, view and search invoices among the Document Archiving System Maarch Entreprise.

Adding and consultation are provided as an example. You can integrate the research yourself to become familiar with the procedure.

Then let’s play!

Integrate your Maarch contacts into your direct marketing via Web Service tools

From your emailing tool, by Web Service, you can integrate incoming e-mail registered in Maarch business contacts!

An example of integration of this tool is given. Follow the procedure at the end of the Web services tutorial.

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