Maarch4i: Records Management and document management for IBM I servers

Combine the power and reliability of your IBM i system to the abilities of Maarch Archiving and document management framework. Maarch4i is a complete solution for acquire, conservation and management of all your business documents, whatever their origin, whatever their format.


IBM i Spool files management and archiving

Your IBM i spooled files handled as any other business document of your Company:

  • Archived in PDF format, they are accessible via a web browser.
  • Indexed by attributes or business data, they can be found very easily.
  • Merged, sorted, exploded according to your criteria, they are directly usable by users of different departments.
  • No print, can consult them, send them by e-mail, move, annotate them.

A document archiving system

Maarch primary purpose is to ensure the safety and longevity of your documents and Maarch conforms to the requirements of the standard norme NF Z42-013 / Iso:

  • Ensure the confidentiality and security of your documents
  • Control all events and actions
  • Organize the documents by type
  • Manage your document life cycle, from the initial recording to the final deletion
  • Ensure the high availability of your archives

DM, a unique functional scope

Maarch is a modular application which offers many features for your company uses its documents to the best :

  • Automatic dispatching to users
  • Workflow through work baskets
  • Collaborate with notes, attachments, case management…
  • Multi-criteria search, full-text search, dynamic files and folder views, classification scheme …
  • E-mails alerts and notifications
  • Custom reports and statistics with graphs
  • Slight and simple integration to your applications using Web Services (SOAP)

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Interested by our solution ?

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