Maarch Entreprise

Maarch Entreprise is a professional DMS that natively answers a vast majority of the needs for operational document management. It is released under the terms of the open source license GPLv3, because archiving and document management need open solutions. One of the consequence is that Maarch Enterprise is affordable for any kind of organization.

However, Maarch Entreprise has been designed by two experienced consultants in electronic archiving and automatic documents production. As such, it offers all guarantee of stability and scalability one can wait from this kind of solution. Particular care has been taken to assure the best performances on standard hardware.

As it is based on Maarch Framework, Enterprise is completely modular: functional features are grouped in modules that expose services, which can be enabled or disabled to suit best end user needs. A skilled engineer can easily add or replace a module without changing the core of the system.

Maarch Entreprise proposes a global architecture and all tools to acquire, manage and preserve production document flows.

Synoptique ME (fr)


Maarch provides a module called Physical Archive to print barcode separators, containing the folder id to scan, and the archive box id in which the paper will go afterwards. This module is very useful for legacy paper archives, and ensures optimal tracking.


Maarch has several incoming documents acquisition channels:

  • By manual referencing of an electronic document
  • By conversion using a virtual printer to get a PDF archival snapshot
  • By direct scanning on the workstation with a low volume scanner
  • By mass import using Maarch AutoImport module

Finally, for large volume digitization projects, Maarch provides a "SAI" tool, powerful and innovative, allowing unlimited scanning of documents. This module provides among other things:

• the transfer of TIFF images on the internet from scanning site to archiving site, using secure protocol and asynchroneous packet client server transfer

• barcode-based separation and content recognition

• PDF conversion

• preparation of batch import for Maarch AutoImport, with all the service information related to traceability

With Maarch SAI, no need for heavy and expensive scanners driving software: simply scan in TIFF thanks to free software bundled with scanners (Kodak Capture Software, Fujitsu ScandAll...). There is also no limitation on page number.


Interactive modules provide capture and upload within the same process. For mass upload, Maarch AutoImport is the fast utility to get into Maarch numerous resources (up to 120.000 documents/hour).

Maarch AutoImport also provide full traceability and error logging and recovery.


Documentation in Maarch are immediately available in consultation, but there are ways to organize them to make them more convenient to view and manipulate.

Maarch OCR converts a PDF image PDF image + text (licensed owner), or retrieves the text from a PDF to the (free) document attachment. The OCR is based on implementation of the open Source Tesseract project sponsored by Google.

Maarch FULLTEXT indexes the PDF image + text or plain text in full text. This module is based on the famous project open Source Lucène in his PHP porting by Zend.

Combined Maarch OCR and Maarch indexes used to fuzzy search directly in the content of the scanned document.

Maarch Dispatch allows automatic assignment of mail based on keyword searches in the content of the document.

Maarch Autofoldering performs an automatic categorization of documents based on their index. After running Autofoldering, the user gains access to archive through trees.


Maarch ensures legal archiving, but also provides documents flow through rich functional modules. Document searching and indexing are fully configurable.

By connecting the Folders module, documents are stored in structured folders and searches on folder qualifiers are possible.

Document workflow is featured through baskets module or by procedural Workflow module.

Finally, Maarch CD is a tool to burn a stand-alone support, including documents, indexes and search interface and consultation. The media is standalone: the support recipient has a Maarch search, application without installation.